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Tapping on the chest

By Published On: August 30th, 2022Categories: EnergyComments Off on Tapping on the chest

Last week, I was in Helena, MT at an Energy Medicine Yoga (EMYoga) retreat helping Lauren Walker. Lauren is the founder and creator of EMYoga and I met her through a mutual friend in 2017. At that time, we agreed that she’d travel to my yoga studio and lead an EMYoga teacher training, which I took.

You never know who you’re going to meet that will change everything, right? You can’t pre-plan when you’ll be marching along your path and bump into someone who shows you a fork in your road you didn’t see before and you decide “now I’m going that way instead.”That sequence of events introduced me to a field of study that’s both ancient and modern. It changed the trajectory of my career and led me exactly to this place where I’m sitting here on a beautiful August morning writing to you.

When I started studying Energy Medicine, one of the first things I learned was tapping. A lifelong athlete, I thought I understood my body but when I started tapping I realized there’s a whole language that my body speaks and I didn’t know it at all.

More accurately, I did kind of know the language but I didn’t realize I did.

All of us already communicate with energies and practice energy medicine instinctively. When we put our hands on the sides of our face for comfort, we’re talking to two or three different energy streams (meridians) and reaching deeper into one of the flows that feeds them called Penetrating Flow. When we’re shocked and put our hand to our forehead, we’re covering and activating points that help calm emotions. When we’re winded and bend over with our hands on our knees, we’re grounding energy, calming the nervous system, and opening up the energy stream that sends resources to the brain, as well as letting gravity support the lungs.

What I learned though, is that as much as we all direct our energy flows intuitively, creating a vibrant and healthy body with energy is more effective when we do it consciously.

When we tap on specific points on our body, we’re activating and balancing flows of energy. We all have imbalances in our system and thumping on points is a super easy way to achieve a steady supply of consistent energy.

If you don’t tap yet, an easy way to start is on the chest. Your sternum and your collarbones make a T. Tapping the very top of your sternum and on either side of the sternum under the collarbones is a powerful area. You can even tap down and up the sternum and back and forth under the collarbones between your shoulders and sternum.

As you tap, breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth.

This can be done many times a day. First thing in the morning is great and also whenever you need a pick-me-up, feel overwhelmed, stressed or depressed. This is a reliable technique to shift your energy to a more balanced place.

Try it a few times today. If you think you’ll forget, schedule it on your calendar. If you have questions, reply to me here and I’ll help you out.

You never know, it just might change everything.