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The scary journey of personal growth.

I used to be a marathon coach for beginner marathoners. Many of my students were new to running and chose to tackle a marathon for fundraising purposes. Often someone close to them (a spouse or family member) had recently been diagnosed with cancer or another disease and they felt paralyzed and helpless. Instead [...]

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Learning to be comfortable being uncomfortable.

I have two friends who divorced one another over a year ago. I think it’s safe to say that, pre-divorce, they were both fairly similar to me. They cared about their health, ate a plant-heavy diet, exercised consistently, worked hard at jobs that positively impacted people and were fun to be around. [...]

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Is your attachment slowing your growth?

What kind of a shopper are you? Do you go to the store every day and only have a couple of days of groceries on hand at any time? Or do you do big once-a-week shops? Berk (my partner) and I encompass both. I’m more of a daily shopper and he’s a [...]

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