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I’m changing my business

A couple of weeks ago, I shared that I’m making some business changes and that I would let you know more this week. It’s taken me years to make this decision. Sometimes, I’m lightning-fast, and sometimes, I’m a turtle.  This choice has been a sleepy-turtle-paced affair. In 2019, I started doing part-time [...]

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What’s red, tart and helps in the loo?

OMG ya’ll, I learned so much on the vegan cruise. It was fantastic. I loved it so much! And every single one of my friends who went with me have already signed up for next year’s cruise. Everyone thought it was amazing! The only tension was that at nearly every moment you [...]

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My best energy technique to get to sleep at night

Tomorrow, I’m leaving for a Vegan Cruise! Really, it’s like a floating conference. There are dozens of doctors, nutritionists, authors and fitness professionals leading lectures and classes and every day is jam-packed with speakers, panel sessions, cooking classes and activity choices. And, of course, delicious vegan food!  To me, the cruise also [...]

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