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Lessons from an apple

Have you ever reflected on something that happened in childhood, something so minor it’s miraculous you even remember it? And then you realize that whatever that experience was is actually a little window revealing exactly who you are now? I’ve had that experience from an ordinary day chopping an apple.It was Thanksgiving, I was 10 or 11 years old and I was cutting apples for the apple pie. As I sliced each apple, I really studied it and felt its weight in my hand. I wondered about the tree it came from and where its brother and sister apples went.This [...]

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Do you know the difference between a food allergy and poor digestion?

When I was a pre-teen, I’d go to aerobics with my mother. It was the time of adult women wearing leotards and leg warmers and headbands, you know, that whole scene. I’d be the only kid in the room full of ladies. As soon as I arrived, I’d position myself as far away from my mother as possible, somewhere near the back row, do all the moves and I loved it! I adored the teachers and decided I’d become one (which I did when I finally arrived at 18 years old). Every week, I couldn’t wait to get to class. I craved [...]

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Cooking for two: tips to avoid frustrating food waste

Are you tired of recipes that will feed an army when you’re only cooking for one or two? Are you bored with eating the same thing several days in a row, or feeling guilty when throwing away uneaten leftovers? Well, my healthy eating friend, you’re not alone. Earlier this week, I sent an email with these thoughts and the #1 comment I received which was along the lines of “I can’t believe how much my family was on board.” Here’s the #2 most frequent comment I got: “I’m having a hard time with variety because I cook for two and we [...]

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Likes and dislikes are of the lower mind

Have you ever been totally convinced you didn’t like a certain food and then someone cooks it in a certain way, or you accidentally eat it, and suddenly you love it? I did that with beets. I grew up with canned beets and decided I didn’t like them and stubbornly held onto that for a loooooooooong time. Then one day, back when I was vegetarian, I was hungry and rushing through the San Francisco airport to catch a flight. As I ran, I rapidly scanned both sides of the terminal for the take-out restaurant with the shortest line, picked a [...]

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Plant Based Diets are Cheaper

OMG, the grocery bill.I was mostly raised by a single mother who worked in non-profit and courageously and uncomplainingly raised two kids.Honestly, I was pretty sheltered from her money concerns, but I know they were there. I realized early on that I’d never have a lot of the things that my friends at school flaunted and I wanted to have too.Once a week, the three of us would go to the grocery store and buy the food for the week. When it was check out time and the clerk would ring up the items, my brother and I played a [...]

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Here’s the answer to the question I get the most

Do any of you have dry skin? I do. We all have our “things” and dry skin is one of mine. More than that, I have a dry constitution. I’m always thirsty, even though I drink a lot of water and use electrolytes. Staying hydrated with not-itchy skin is daily project for me. And aging hasn’t helped matters. I bring this up today because I recently got a text that said “Morning Blaine. Just following up on your classes where you talk about toxins. I’m wondering would you share what kind of lotion or oil do you use on your [...]

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