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Partly sunny, with a chance of Groundhog Day

Last night, I was tired and glanced at my watch thinking, can I go to bed yet? The watch face said 8:45 so, yes! Then another thought creeped into my mind and trickled down my back like ice water. Damn, I forgot to get my strength training in… again. I’d put “strength” on my calendar but when that time arrived I wasn’t done with a project I wanted to finish so I mentally pushed going to the gym to something I’d squeeze in before cooking dinner. And forgot. I’ve been trying to start a consistent strength training program for years. [...]

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What is Energy Medicine?

Yesterday, I arrived at Energy Fest in Cleveland. There hasn’t been an Energy Fest in 8 years so, as you can imagine, the vibe here is dynamic and lively. In many ways, being here is exactly like what we’ve all experienced when we see people we haven’t seen in years. It’s breathtaking and a little awkward… I need to dust off my social skills. I’ve only been here a few hours and I’ve already “met” so many people who I only know from Zoom. It’s a little trippy to go from seeing someone from 2D to 3D. People often move [...]

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A little bit every day over a long period of time

“I don’t understand what people are talking about when they say meditation makes them calmer. I don’t feel like that while I’m meditating. It’s like that runner's high thing… that’s never happened to me either.”A friend of mine recently shared that with me while we were talking on the phone about her frustration with meditation. I tried to explain to her that you don’t necessarily feel the effects of meditation while meditating, you feel them later when your boss gives you 3 new projects and tells you to work all weekend.You also don’t usually feel great during the run, it’s [...]

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Do you pass up the temptation today for a bigger reward tomorrow?

Would I like the fries or the side salad? Should I buy the new clothes or put the money in savings?Do I go to the gym or keep sitting here doing what I’m doing?Pleasure now over long term goals… it’s something we wrestle with every day.I’m a member of a few social groups that are focused on helping women stop drinking. I do it for a couple of reasons, one of them being that I am happy to support anyone who needs a boost, but I also learn so much from watching the psychology of what happens there. Yes, if [...]

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Tapping on the chest

Last week, I was in Helena, MT at an Energy Medicine Yoga (EMYoga) retreat helping Lauren Walker. Lauren is the founder and creator of EMYoga and I met her through a mutual friend in 2017. At that time, we agreed that she’d travel to my yoga studio and lead an EMYoga teacher training, which I took. You never know who you’re going to meet that will change everything, right? You can’t pre-plan when you’ll be marching along your path and bump into someone who shows you a fork in your road you didn’t see before and you decide “now I’m [...]

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Here’s the answer to the question I get the most

Do any of you have dry skin? I do. We all have our “things” and dry skin is one of mine. More than that, I have a dry constitution. I’m always thirsty, even though I drink a lot of water and use electrolytes. Staying hydrated with not-itchy skin is daily project for me. And aging hasn’t helped matters. I bring this up today because I recently got a text that said “Morning Blaine. Just following up on your classes where you talk about toxins. I’m wondering would you share what kind of lotion or oil do you use on your [...]

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How to calm down fast

Wednesdays are always busy days for me. I used to call them “my toughest day” but I’ve recently changed my internal language about Wednesdays to “my day with the greatest opportunities.” Wednesdays have a lot of standing meetings and work that needs to be done for Thursday deadlines and there isn't much breathing room. I plan for these days. I make breakfast and lunch on Tuesday so that’s out of the way and get up extra early on Wednesday morning in an effort to “control” the day as much as I can. The control part is funny, right? Because it never works. Almost every [...]

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Chinese Medicine Five Elements

When I was in my early twenties, I worked in administration in a large healthcare facility. One day, Sonya from Marketing cruised by my office for a chat and casually dropped this at the end of our conversation, “Gwen in Accounting thinks you don’t like her.” What??? I thought to myself (without any real emotion or drama), well…. I guess I need to spend some time being nice to Gwen. And I did. Gwen and I ended up being great friends, having many adventures together and even orchestrating life so we worked together again, years later, at a different healthcare [...]

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Shake it off.

I was 23 years old working in a local clinic in downtown Oklahoma City. It was 9:00 am and I heard an earth shaking blast and the building started trembling, windows bowing out and in. There was construction across the street and, at first, I thought the giant crane that had been towering above us for weeks finally fell on our building. Then I saw the smoke. The Federal Building just blocks away had been bombed. We all jumped into action as it was only minutes before parents ran into our facility, holding children with shards of glass sticking out [...]

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