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How to calm down fast

By Published On: May 8th, 2022Categories: EnergyComments Off on How to calm down fast

Wednesdays are always busy days for me. I used to call them “my toughest day” but I’ve recently changed my internal language about Wednesdays to “my day with the greatest opportunities.”

Wednesdays have a lot of standing meetings and work that needs to be done for Thursday deadlines and there isn’t much breathing room.

I plan for these days. I make breakfast and lunch on Tuesday so that’s out of the way and get up extra early on Wednesday morning in an effort to “control” the day as much as I can.

The control part is funny, right? Because it never works. Almost every Wednesday an emergency pops up demanding my attention and causes me to shuffle everything. I feel a seizing panic in my body and my brain goes haywire and I have a low-grade freak out.

Why does this happen to me?

I’m in stress response.

Someone emailed me yesterday and asked, “when I’m stressed, I can’t get in the present moment, what can I do?

She can do exactly what I do.

Hold the main neurovascular points in the forehead.

The main neurovascular points are directly above the eyes, halfway between the eyebrows and the hairline. Think of them as the breaker box in an electrical system.

Holding your hand on these points brings the blood back from the more primitive parts of the brain to the pre-frontal cortex. This energizes the part of your brain that has your reasoning skills and allows you to gain a greater perspective on the problem.

You can think.

The way I do it is I put the heels of my hands under my eyes and my fingertips up in my hairline so I’m cupping my eyes. Sometimes I rest my elbows on my desk. We have acupressure points below the eyes for grounding and ladies, when we’re stressed, we aren’t grounded.

I’m giving you these instructions but it’s also intuitive. When we’re stressed, we all bring our hands to our eyes and forehead to calm ourselves down, we just don’t realize what we’re doing.

Check out the kid in the second photo above (after the one of me)…

He’s intuitively doing it.

I do it with intention and I focus on my breath. In through the nose, out through the mouth.

Then I can think.

And I get through Wednesdays in peace and clarity.