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This is my drinking story (part 2 of 2)

Hi . Thanks for sticking with me. I'm back to tell you the last half of my drinking story that I started a couple of days ago - but we know, the story’s really never over, is it? I’m currently in the chapter where I help other women… and who knows what will come next! On with the story… Two days ago, I left off with resistance. You know, that thing where you make a decision that’s good for you but your habits tell you to keep on doing things the same old way you’ve been doing them? That thing. I finally [...]

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This is my drinking story (part 1 of 2)

Last week, a friend of mine who owns a popular business reached out to me because she wanted to pick my brain about creating a Sober October opportunity for her community. I shared with her that the first time I did Sober October for my yoga studio and sent an email about it, it was the most opened email I’d ever sent. By more than double. Twice as many people opened that email than any other email I’d ever written. That’s hundreds of more people! When I went into my studio to teach later that day, it was all anyone was [...]

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Partly sunny, with a chance of Groundhog Day

Last night, I was tired and glanced at my watch thinking, can I go to bed yet? The watch face said 8:45 so, yes! Then another thought creeped into my mind and trickled down my back like ice water. Damn, I forgot to get my strength training in… again. I’d put “strength” on my calendar but when that time arrived I wasn’t done with a project I wanted to finish so I mentally pushed going to the gym to something I’d squeeze in before cooking dinner. And forgot. I’ve been trying to start a consistent strength training program for years. [...]

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Do you courageously let the part of you that is uncool shine?

Sunday night, I flew home from Cleveland where I led morning movement classes and co-presented at Energy Fest. It was an incredible experience, partly because the keynote presentations were mind-blowing and transformative, but also because it was so fun to be in community with others. Especially others who are a little… shall we say willing to be different from what standard American culture expects of us? Or, put more bluntly, Energy Medicine people are wonderfully weird, like me! I love my place on the fringes of society. When I am in groups of women who choose not to eat animals or animal products, [...]

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Morning Pages

Earlier this week, I sent you an email about journaling where I wrote about how hard it was for me to start and how profoundly the practice has supported me since I started doing it consistently. One day, while I was running and listening to a podcast, I heard a woman talk about writing and how something called Morning Pages opened a new world to her. She went on to describe how Morning Pages are a daily writing practice and the brainchild of Julia Cameron. What you do is write as soon as you get up when you haven’t dropped into your [...]

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The #1 helpful habit women resist (and why)

I love to watch women work through resistance. This includes my own resistance to new things (you know, change) and other people’s resistance too. If there’s ever a time we can rationalize like champions, it’s when we’re resisting something. Recently, I was with a group of women and we were talking about how much we love our Instant Pots. One woman in the group (who we weren’t trying to convince of anything) kept chiming in announcing to us all how she doesn’t need an Instant Pot and all the reasons that she hasn’t bought one and why she doesn’t want [...]

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50th Birthday

Today I am 50 years old. Several people have asked me how I feel about this. I couldn't answer because I honestly didn't feel anything. I took that as a clue that I should probably dig deeper - so I journaled and did some contemplation practices and I still don’t feel much.Why is that…? I think it’s because I believe I’m in halftime.I’ve always loved sports and I’ve been an athlete my whole life. I started playing soccer at 5 years old and I’ve literally never stopped being athletic.Sports metaphors are obvious and I don’t use them often. However, this half-century birthday [...]

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Lessons from an apple

Have you ever reflected on something that happened in childhood, something so minor it’s miraculous you even remember it? And then you realize that whatever that experience was is actually a little window revealing exactly who you are now? I’ve had that experience from an ordinary day chopping an apple.It was Thanksgiving, I was 10 or 11 years old and I was cutting apples for the apple pie. As I sliced each apple, I really studied it and felt its weight in my hand. I wondered about the tree it came from and where its brother and sister apples went.This [...]

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Was that a gun? Or a paddleboard?

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote about my escapades learning to stand up paddleboard. The day after I wrote that email to you, it got worse. My paddleboard exploded. At this point, my friend and I thought we had this paddleboard thing down. As we drove to a small lake in Montana, we joked about how we were pros now and made our plan to pull up to the lake, easily inflate our paddleboards (a process that had not been easy at the last outing) and enjoy our lunch. It worked for my paddleboard, no problemo. Then, as my friend’s [...]

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Don’t assume and take experiences away from people

Here’s a teacher moment I’ll never forget. I’d just returned from studying in India and I was excited to teach some new things to my yoga community in Boulder, CO. Among the new techniques was a lesser-known ancient Himalayan practice of meditative movement called Laya. Laya movements are very feminine and designed to balance the more masculine practice that makes up much of how we practice yoga in the West. These movements were completely different from anything I’d ever seen in a yoga class. They’re much like dance; very flowy and internal and intuitive. As a teacher, it’s uncomfortable to [...]

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I sold my business for this

Today is a big day for me. It’s the last day I have my brick-and-mortar yoga studio. The place that has consumed my life for the past 5 years.The new owner and I are meeting this afternoon, I’m showing her some things and dropping my key in her hand.When I walk out and close the door behind me, I can’t just walk into that sacred place, my second home, whenever I want anymore.When that door shuts today, a part of my life is closed forever. And a new door is open.I recently taught an in-person yoga class to 40 people. I [...]

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Life Is About Creating Yourself

I have a milestone birthday this year.  A birthday with a zero on the end. The exact day isn’t for a few months but I’m already reflecting a little and it’s unbelievable how much I’ve evolved, especially over the last 10 years. It makes me appreciate our capacity and ability to change and, at the same time, reminds me of how many years I spent convincing myself that I couldn’t change.  Other people could change, but not me.  My life circumstances were so “special” that I was just locked into the corporate job life and that’s how it was. That [...]

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My Two-Year War With Myself

I’ve told some of you about how things were for me when I first started meditating.  I often describe my experience as a two-year war with meditation (and I also say that just because it took me two years to achieve consistency doesn’t mean it will take others that long). When I think back on that time – the starting and stopping and committing to start over again and failing and being mad at myself and thinking I suck and my brain just won’t do it and I’m so disappointed in my sucky-ness…  When I reflect on all that resistance, I have [...]

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The role of ego

Social media… I can’t even describe my relationship with it.  However, as I sit to write about ego, it’s the first thing that arrives in my mind. As an athlete and yoga teacher, ego and I are very good friends.  I’ve spent years working on how fast I can run, obsessing over my place on a race podium (read: how can I defeat others in my quest for the finish line), and examining my body in the mirror to see what I need to change to increase my likelihood of making the podium more of a sure thing. I’ve also [...]

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The Power of What-If

Today is the first day of February.  Can you believe that 2022 is already 15% done?  If you haven’t already, have a seat with some tea or a favorite warm drink, maybe light a candle, grab your journal, and reflect on January 2022.  Journaling is a wonderful practice to help with clarity, progress towards goals, positive thinking, and overall mental health. This is an especially nice time to be reflective because we’re starting a new month in a time of the new moon. Yesterday, I taught a free 30-minute class to help us align with the energy of the new [...]

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The Truth About Overwhelm

Overwhelm is a word that pops into my mind a lot lately.  It’s even become something I measure within myself on a day to day, and even minute to minute basis.  Do you know what feeling I’m talking about?  It’s not the same as stress.  Stress has a low-lying hum.  Overwhelm comes on fast.  In a moment, I can go from just fine to total overwhelm.  It’s a slippery trigger that for me, once it’s on, is a snowball rolling downhill of things I need to do. When I’m in overwhelm, I somehow lose sight of the fact that not [...]

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This is my prayer.

May we all get through this pandemic. May we not return to the normal that got us here. May I be awake and ready for what happens next. As you can probably imagine, this was not my prayer two years ago. Honestly, I can’t even remember what it was. Two years ago, I was in Florida for the holidays and putting the final touches on Yoga Hive’s 2020 plans and I was super excited about the year ahead. And then new learning began… Oh, this time of lessons. My new daily prayer serves me now, today, in this moment, and [...]

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I know what to do but I just don’t do it.

I hear this often, especially now, in this era of pandemic. The level of struggle is palpable in both mental health and personal choices as we move forward in the new world. And when I say personal choices, I mean things as basic as “do I open another bottle of wine or go to yoga?” We all know that we need to move every day, drink plenty of water, avoid sugar and processed food, and meditate for clarity, but we don’t all do it. We invent justifications and delay another day. It seems like we may be “getting away” with [...]

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This was a big ego check for me.

Late last year, a friend asked me if I’d like to visit her in Alaska. I used to live in Alaska so it’s not foreign to me, but she was talking north of the Arctic Circle in Alaska. I, somewhat hesitantly, said OK. She lives in Wiseman, AK. Wiseman is remote and small. Incredibly small. In winter, 11 people live there, in summer, 22. I knew 5 things about the Alaskan Arctic: cold, northern lights, the pipeline, hunting and bugs. There are two kinds of bugs in Alaska, annoying and very annoying. The Arctic has a third kind, bird-sized! The [...]

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