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I sold my business for this

By Published On: June 30th, 2022Categories: Personal Growth, Wisdom from BlaineComments Off on I sold my business for this

Today is a big day for me. It’s the last day I have my brick-and-mortar yoga studio. The place that has consumed my life for the past 5 years.

The new owner and I are meeting this afternoon, I’m showing her some things and dropping my key in her hand.

When I walk out and close the door behind me, I can’t just walk into that sacred place, my second home, whenever I want anymore.

When that door shuts today, a part of my life is closed forever. And a new door is open.

I recently taught an in-person yoga class to 40 people. I asked the crowd to raise their hand of they’re going through a transition right now.

Almost every hand in the room went up.

I can’t think of another time in my life where everyone I know is going through some type of life change all at the same time.

I’m confident it’s like that for you too.

We’re in a time of global shifting and difficult, unstable situations.

Well, I decided to take one bull by the horns, stare into his eyes and sell my yoga studio.

While the process here at the end has moved swiftly, things started happening in my head in 2020 when I decided the next right action in my life was to serve women over 50 online.

I usually write about how women can improve their health, vitality and longevity by practicing daily energy routines, drinking less alcohol and eating more plants.

Today I want to touch on life purpose.

As a heart centered entrepreneur, I often get the question, how do you know what your purpose is?

It’s taken me a long time to find mine and I don’t know if it arrives for everyone the same way, but this is how it worked for me.

As I look back on my entire life, I can see a through line. I was always fascinated by the human body, I studied healthcare in university, I took jobs in hospitals, I became a fitness instructor, I dove into the study of the mind and became a meditation teacher, I completed a program to learn nutrition, I had a personal journey with alcohol, I decided to leave western medicine and study eastern medicine, I journeyed to India to work with a spiritual master.

It’s a weird jumble of things, right? But looking at all those dots, which I can only see by looking behind me, I can connect them.

They bring me to now. Where I’m writing this email to you, selling a business and building my new business.

I am literally the only person in the world whose done all the things that I’ve done.

I’m just like you, in that you’re the only person in the world who’s done all the things that you’ve done. And if you’re someone who wonders about your purpose, the answer just may be behind you.