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50th Birthday

By Published On: August 18th, 2022Categories: Wisdom from BlaineComments Off on 50th Birthday

Today I am 50 years old.

Several people have asked me how I feel about this. I couldn’t answer because I honestly didn’t feel anything. I took that as a clue that I should probably dig deeper – so I journaled and did some contemplation practices and I still don’t feel much.

Why is that…? I think it’s because I believe I’m in halftime.

I’ve always loved sports and I’ve been an athlete my whole life. I started playing soccer at 5 years old and I’ve literally never stopped being athletic.

Sports metaphors are obvious and I don’t use them often. However, this half-century birthday has me ONLY thinking about sports and the game of life.

I plan to live to at least 100 so, framed that way, today I’m starting the second half. If life has four quarters, today I’m in halftime and tomorrow I’ll start the third quarter. (We’ll call the years after 100 overtime.)

This game is long.

When you’re playing a game, at halftime, you review what went well and what didn’t during the first half and make corrections. You get a pep talk from your coach, you correct your plan as needed and you run back out on the field fired up and ready to play!

That very accurately sums up what I’ve been doing for the last year. In sport and in life, there are ups and downs, momentum changes, injuries, complicated rules, time outs, emotional outbursts, tears and victories.

When things seem like they’re going sideways, you can always get them back on track. You have to lean on your team because you can’t do it alone. There is always hope.

Miracles do happen.

Finally, there is always time. It’s never too late. Great teams show us over and over again that the game truly isn’t over until it’s over. In fact, the most points are usually scored in the second half.

Most of you reading this are right with me in the third quarter.

One of the most impactful things I do every single day is breathwork. I plan to double down on that now. There is loads of scientific evidence that daily breathing practices keep the mind sharp, the lungs strong, stress and blood pressure low, helps with sleep, manages depression, improves digestion, the list continues… All things I need going my way because my goals for the second half are going to take some work.

There is so much game left that this birthday has me nothing but excited to see what will unfold.

So maybe instead of feeling nothing, I’m really feeling anticipatory.

Anything is possible.

Happy birthday to me!