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Here’s the answer to the question I get the most

By Published On: June 8th, 2022Categories: Energy, PlantsComments Off on Here’s the answer to the question I get the most

Do any of you have dry skin?

I do. We all have our “things” and dry skin is one of mine. More than that, I have a dry constitution. I’m always thirsty, even though I drink a lot of water and use electrolytes. Staying hydrated with not-itchy skin is daily project for me.

And aging hasn’t helped matters.

I bring this up today because I recently got a text that said “Morning Blaine. Just following up on your classes where you talk about toxins. I’m wondering would you share what kind of lotion or oil do you use on your body and face to avoid adding toxins through the skin?”

That’s my most asked question.

Our skin is a super-highway for toxins to enter our body and once they’re in, the body has to get them out. Toxins are detrimental to our health and energy so we want to make sure what we put on our skin isn’t toxic (most products are).

And your skin is part of your microbiome.  For gut health, you need skin health.

For each of us, what oils work is an experiment. What works for me may not work for you. It can also be seasonal. For me, fractionated coconut oil works in the summer but not the winter.  We all need to try different oils.

I make homemade oil moisturizers all the time. There is little difference between food grade oil and cosmetic grade oil. I just buy organic oil right from the grocery store shelf. Avocado, olive, sunflower seed, sesame, etc. When I bring it home, I transfer it to a smaller bottle and add pure, high quality essential oils and voila – oil for my skin.

When I get out of the shower, I use the oil all over my body, put on a robe for 10-15 minutes then go on with my day.

If I’m lazier, I use this from Dr. Douillard, https://store.lifespa.com/product/tri-doshic-massage-oil-4oz/. This oil has herbs and not essential oils so a different scent but it “feeds” my skin and makes me feel great.

I also have a product I buy from a woman in Colorado Springs on my really dry areas (like hands and feet) https://www.simplebodyproducts.com/product/body-butter/.

She also makes a face cream. She is local to me, uses organic and vegan ingredients and is a woman. It’s important to me to support women.
I found her at a local vegan market.

My main message here is to experiment and be on “hunt” for what works for you.  Give the homemade way a try. What local makers can you support? What makes you feel great?

And know it will change… the seasons change, we change, our preferences change.

If you create a “recipe” you love – let me know.  I’m always on the hunt too.