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What’s red, tart and helps in the loo?

By Published On: March 16th, 2024Categories: PlantsComments Off on What’s red, tart and helps in the loo?

OMG ya’ll, I learned so much on the vegan cruise.

It was fantastic. I loved it so much! And every single one of my friends who went with me have already signed up for next year’s cruise. Everyone thought it was amazing!

The only tension was that at nearly every moment you had to decide… Do I go to the pool or go to a lecture? Even when we were at port and could get off the ship at someplace like the Bahamas, it was: Do I go to the beach or go to a lecture?

The lectures were that good, these were hard choices.

Each day, I spent 1-2 hours volunteering as a door monitor. This basically meant I was a greeter and a checker that people had their identifying lanyard on to be eligible to enter our meal spaces and lectures / activities. I’m doing that in the picture to the far right above. 

And speaking of meals, I’ve never seen such abundant vegan food. The below is a vegan carving station – so fun!

From the lectures, I have pages and pages of notes so it’s hard to decide what to share with you here. But, based on questions and offhand comments I’ve heard from the women I coach, one learning that percolates to the top is a non-pharmaceutical way to treat “overactive bladder” (urinary frequency / incontinence / urgency).

If this is something you experience, try dried cranberry powder.

The available pharmaceutical drugs have undesirable side effects (dry mouth, constipation, sedation, impaired cognitive function, rapid heartbeat, and urinary retention) and two-thirds of women who try the drug get off it because they’d rather have the urinary problems than the side effects.

And get this – consuming ¼ teaspoon of dried cranberry powder per day works nearly four times better than the drug!

You’re welcome. 😊

By the time you’re reading this, I am hopefully back at home in Colorado. The weather this week delayed my travel and I’m still writing from FL but I should be home soon.

Have you been on a vegan cruise? I’d love to hear about your experiences!

And yes, I’m planning to go again next year.