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I’m changing my business

By Published On: April 18th, 2024Categories: Personal GrowthComments Off on I’m changing my business

A couple of weeks ago, I shared that I’m making some business changes and that I would let you know more this week.

It’s taken me years to make this decision. Sometimes, I’m lightning-fast, and sometimes, I’m a turtle. 

This choice has been a sleepy-turtle-paced affair.

In 2019, I started doing part-time contract work for Lauren Walker, founder of Energy Medicine Yoga. At the time, I owned a brick-and-mortar yoga studio and agreed to help her out on the side.

In 2020, the pandemic reshaped both of our worlds. EMYoga, an online company, flourished while my yoga studio faced unprecedented challenges.

Since then, both of our companies have continued evolving, including my moving to a 100% online model and continuing to work part-time for EMYoga, while also being devoted to building my own brand.

In short, I had two jobs.

In 2021, Lauren started inviting me to join her full-time. She’d bring it up two or three times a year, and I’d always say no.

Last August, we were together at a retreat in British Columbia, sitting at a table outside overlooking the sea, and Lauren grabbed my arm and looked me in the eye. She said these precise words: “Blaine, I want you to keep doing exactly what you are doing; I just want you to do it for EMYoga.”

At that moment, something shifted in me. I won’t divulge the nature of our agreement/business structure, but I knew right then that if we could come to terms that I’d be comfortable with, I’d say yes.

And… I felt light.

It was as if suddenly 1000 pounds lifted off of me. I wouldn’t have two jobs and two identities anymore! When someone asked me, “What do you do?” it would be a simple, straightforward answer.

That was eight months ago and it’s taken until now for us to get where we are.

So, what does this all mean?

For you, not much since I’m offering what I used to offer here at the Blaine Wilkes brand over at EMYoga. You may have noticed that I started promoting my signature program, Radical Health Accelerator, under the EMYoga brand last December. I’m also currently launching my business course there.

What will change is these newsletters. I’ve started writing EMYoga newsletters (Lauren does too), and I won’t write these anymore.

If you’re currently in my EMYoga class membership (where I teach live EMYoga classes on Zoom every week) that won’t change. In fact, in the next few months, it will get better.

Many of you have been with me on my journey for a long time, some of you from the yoga studio days.

I’d love to invite you to join me over at EMYoga!

Whew! I told you…

That wasn’t so bad.

I’ve been nervous about sharing this.

Please feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions or thoughts to share. What’s most important to me is that we stay in touch!

Thank you for being a part of my journey, I know we’ll see each other along the path.